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Okay, so I may have lied when I said this would be the “final” trailer. I swear, it started out like that, but then I got more ideas. I’ve decided to change some things around. Bonnie, Melissa, Brooke and Precious are all SISTERS. Yeah, I like the idea of them being siblings better than the idea of them being cousins. Abby is their mother and a witch and Marcus is their dad and a warlock. This trailer just includes the MAIN BENNETT cast. Meaning, I’m probably going to add more relatives and make a seperate trailer for them. I also want to include Grams, Lucy and even Greta (I’ll make her a Bennett), but I have to find enough HD clips. Moreover, I plan on doing crossovers as well. The main one I have in mind right now is Teen Wolf. I still plan on including the other cast members I had in the teaser trailer, I just have to work out the kinks first. 

Oh, and big thanks to alifeofsimplicity for correcting me on who does TBD. It’s actually done by Allison and NOT Jessica.

Also, what would you guys think about me turning this into a FF? I probably wouldn’t post in on FF, I think I’d just put it on here instead. Of course, I’d have to ask Allison for permission first. Would you guys even be interested? Let me know.

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