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This Is Why I Don’t Like Julie Plec and Could Give Less Than Two Fucks If You Disagree

I’m so sick of people placing this…person on some high pedestal and treating her as if she’s the next best thing since bread and butter. She’s not. She’s unprofessional, biased and an atrocious writer. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s looking into participating with the writing of the “50 Shades of Grey” movie.

Actors and anyone involved in the TV business have a certain protocol they must follow. You’re not going to see an actor from a TV show giving out spoilers or openly endorsing their favorite ships. They’re supposed to remain unbiased. Especially writers, producers and anyone else who is in charge. Julie Plec is anything but that.

She goes on Twitter and rides Matt Davis and Ian Somerhalder’s dicks as if they were the last two men alive. This woman is so unprofessional. It’s sickening. She’s constantly tweeting her precious ‘DE’  stans and, as she calls it, “reassures” them whenever they feel like Delena is being messed with. If you don’t want your cast member picking favorites then why the hell are you doing it? She hardly ever replies to Stelena fans and when she does, it’s always negative comments.

My second problem with her; she’s so fucking immature. All she ever does is reply to tweets that “hurt her feelings” or “disrespect” her. Really? You’re a grown ass woman and you’re letting some silly ass teenage girls get to you? Don’t like when people are mean or say mean things about you? DON’T FUCKING RESPOND OR PAY THEM ANY ATTENTION! No on is forcing her to respond. Her childish behind is the one that chooses to go back and forth with them. Then she has the audacity to RT “keep the peace” and shit like that when she’s the one edging it on! 

She’s too defensive! Some girl called her out on twitter and basically called her a shitty ass writer. (Not in those exact words) And she wen’t crazy and went back and forth with the girl like they were the same age. Act your damn age Julie! Moreover, this…woman…makes it obvious who her faves are. 

When Kat was nominated for her TCA, she didn’t tweet anything. No congrats, commentary or anything. But when Candice, Joseph and Michael received their nominations, she tweeted fast, quick and a hurry. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them per say. It’s just the protocol. You don’t just disrespect and undermine your employee like that. It’s so fucking disrespectful. Kat works just as hard as everyone else on that damn show and she deserves her respect too. 

People are going to think what they want and they are mos definitely entitled to it, but you’d have to be crazy to think that Julie Plec is this amazing writer, producer, directer or whatever. Because she’s not. She’s not.

The Bennett Diaries || Chapter 2

7th November 2011

Dear Diary,

Even though my day started out bad, Melissa ate the last toaster strudel (-_-), it ended on a high note. We are moving! I know, I can’t really believe it either. Daddy was offered this cool position out in California. No, it’s not Hollywood. It’s in some town called Beacon Hills…I think. Weird name right? Makes me think of bacon. Haha, Bacon Hills. Catchy, isn’t it? Speaking of which, I’m hungry. I wonder if we have any Bacon……

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The Bennett Diaries || Promo #2 

The Bennett Diaries || Promo #2 

The Bennett Diaries || Chapter 1

Marcus Bennett was the farthest thing from impatient. Sure, he was ill tempered, headstrong and occasionally pompous, but he always managed to stay collected. However, at that particular moment, his patience began to waver.

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Ehh..I’m so rusty at photoshop. :/ Oh well, this is the poster. Yes, I am going to use the Charmed taglines. They’re just so fitting. I’m gonna work on the first chapter tonight. Hopefully, it’ll be up by the end of the weekend. :)

Ehh..I’m so rusty at photoshop. :/ Oh well, this is the poster. Yes, I am going to use the Charmed taglines. They’re just so fitting. I’m gonna work on the first chapter tonight. Hopefully, it’ll be up by the end of the weekend. :)

A Sneak Peak At “The Bennett Diaries”

I got the approval so I’m ready to go! Here’s a snippet! Be sure to let me know what you think!

Marcus Bennett was the farthest thing from impatient. Sure, he was ill tempered, headstrong and occasionally pompous, but he always managed to stay collected. However, at that particular moment, his patience began to waver.

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I’ve Decided I’m Gonna Do “The Bennett Diaries”.

I HONESTLY wasn’t expecting the feedback I got. You all are so nice! :) I haven’t asked Allison if she’s okay with it, but let’s hope and pray she is. I have a TON of ideas as to what direction I wanna take it. Let me make it clear though; I’m not sure who’s going to end up with who. I may do a Bamon ending and I may not. The same goes for all the other characters. I’m very unpredictable. HERE's the trailer btw.  Any suggestions though? 


Okay, so I may have lied when I said this would be the “final” trailer. I swear, it started out like that, but then I got more ideas. I’ve decided to change some things around. Bonnie, Melissa, Brooke and Precious are all SISTERS. Yeah, I like the idea of them being siblings better than the idea of them being cousins. Abby is their mother and a witch and Marcus is their dad and a warlock. This trailer just includes the MAIN BENNETT cast. Meaning, I’m probably going to add more relatives and make a seperate trailer for them. I also want to include Grams, Lucy and even Greta (I’ll make her a Bennett), but I have to find enough HD clips. Moreover, I plan on doing crossovers as well. The main one I have in mind right now is Teen Wolf. I still plan on including the other cast members I had in the teaser trailer, I just have to work out the kinks first. 

Oh, and big thanks to alifeofsimplicity for correcting me on who does TBD. It’s actually done by Allison and NOT Jessica.

Also, what would you guys think about me turning this into a FF? I probably wouldn’t post in on FF, I think I’d just put it on here instead. Of course, I’d have to ask Allison for permission first. Would you guys even be interested? Let me know.


So….yeah….I don’t really have a solid grip on what exactly the synopsis of the video is. I started out with a concept and then started stretching it until the original notion was completely gone. However, this is sorta what I was aiming for. Oh! I also forgot to mention, Bonnie moved to Beacon Hills to be closer to her dad and to help destroy that….slimy, creepy, monster thing that’s going all Freddy Krueger on everyone. (lol)

(This video kinda corresponds with my other D/B video)

Black & White=Flashback

Synopsis: Like I said in the other video, he left and now he’s back. The video starts out with them thinking back on when they were together. The first flashback depicts their first meeting. Let’s just say she volunteers at the school on a regular basis, since Derek seems to like lurking around the school. Their first encounter with each other isn’t exactly….great, but it’s not bad. He’s oblivious to the fact that she’s a witch, let alone a Bennett witch, so he acts like…..typical Derek. She’s also clueless to the fact that he’s the Alpha. Trying to lay low, she bites her tongue and ignores his rude disposition.

Next flashback is when they find out each other’s true identity. (Let’s just assume they’ve been spending time together okay?) She reveals that she’s a witch and he, in turn, tell’s her he’s the Alpha. Oh, and they have some crazy sexual tension going on, but neither will openly admit it. 

Next meeting, he asks her to go on a road trip with him to a neighboring town to seek out other rouge werewolves. She’s hesitant, but ultimately agrees to go with him. Long story short, they hook up.

Last scene, the awkward “morning after” conversation. I’ll leave you all to imagine what they say. ;)


Synopsis: They had a fling. He left. Now he’s back. He leaves her a note telling him to meet him in the woods. She obliges. They still have chemistry. Vampires try to attack them. He kills them all single-handedly. She’s confused by his new and improved strength. He informs her that he’s the new alpha.

Really basic video…but….oh well.

Bonnie/Derek: Like Puzzle Pieces


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vnvfslvmflkmb! I can’t breathe! My shipper heart is about to explode. Honestly, I’m so in love with your writing’s. They always mange to either make me “awww” or laugh like an idiot. Tehe. It’s because of your Bonnie/Derek writing’s that I decided to give “Teen Wolf” a chance. I’m actually watching it right now while reading “Working Up A Sweat”. Okay, I’ll shut up now. :p

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And the award for worst video editing of the year goes to…….MrsKevinJonas757 for her atrocious work on the video titled “The Bennett Diaries”. 

~le sigh~

Someone should have told me how freaken hard it is to work Sony Vegas Pro….

Anyway, this is kinda my spin-off idea from isisgodiva’s “The Bonnie Diaries”. I LOVE the idea of Bonnie having her own show, but I’d much rather the Bennett’s have THIER own show. I know…there’s a lot of Bennett’s, but I figured I’d more than make up for Bonnie’s lack of family on the show. 

Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett (Duh)
Jessica Parker Kennedy as Melissa Bennett (Bonnie’s younger sister)
Antonia Thomas as Brooke Bennett (Daughter of Trinity Bennett)
Daphnee Duplaix as Trinity Bennett (Sister of Serenity Bennett)
Jennifer Freeman as Mercy Bennett (Daughter of Trinity Bennett)
Vanessa Morgan as Precious Bennett (TBA)
Bianca Lawson as Emily Bennett 
LisaRaye as Serenity Bennett (Mother of Bonnie and Melissa Bennett)
Idris Elba as Marcus Bennett (Husband of Serenity Bennett)

Yeah…I changed jank around. Persia White just wasn’t doing it for me as Bonnie’s mom. And there’ a reason why Emily is part of the main cast….;)

This is just a rough trailer. The final and polished one will be a LOT better.

Meetings (BonniexThor) & (MelissaxLoki)

A/N: This is a continuation to THIS video. I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this. It’s probably just a one shot. Idk. Let me know what you think! 

"You want to what?!"

Bonnie and Melissa flinched slightly at the tone and volume of their dad’s voice. They knew he wouldn’t exactly be thrilled with their request, but they weren’t expecting this exact reaction. The sisters began to second-guess themselves. Bonnie was waiting for Melissa to say something and Melissa was waiting for Bonnie to say something. Both remained silent. 

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