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I Hate Your Face  Kat Graham

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Kat Graham

new photos from session for People Magazine

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sxsw - inside the hard rock cafe music lounge - 17.03.12

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The Bennett Diaries || Promo #3
Because I clearly have nothing better to do with my time…

The Bennett Diaries || Promo #3

Because I clearly have nothing better to do with my time…

I’m Having The Hardest Time Trying To Figure Out What The Fuck Julie Plec’s Problem Is

Why does she continue to blatantly ignore and neglect Bonnie Bennett? Is it because she has some personal vendetta against Kat Graham? Does she not find as much interest in Bonnie than she does Caroline, Elena, etc? I’m really having a hard time understanding this fuckery. Why does this woman refuse to write and create non-witch related storylines for our babi? 

I know people in the TVD fandom are quick to jump to her defense and attack anyone who even implies that racism is involved, but I can’t help but think Bonnie/Kat’s race may have something to do with it. Just because racism isn’t blatantly obvious on the show, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Bonnie is the only main character on the show that is a POC, with the exception of Tyler whose character is white, but played by Trevino who is Hispanic. She’s also the most underdeveloped and ignored character. 

Yes, you could argue that Matt, Jeremy or even Tyler are also underdeveloped, but none of them are as integral to the plot as Bonnie is. She, literally, is always the one they need to save a day. She’s the town’s only witch and the one they are constantly turning to for help, which is incredibly annoying, her being a damn plot device and all but…I digress. Without her, half of the Fall’s occupants would be dead. 

It seems to me like Julie only finds time to write Bonnie in when they need her to do a spell, which is usually for Elena’s sake. At least when KW was still more involved in the writing, we got to see more of Bonnie. Now, she does a spell and then disappears for the remaining of the episode or multiple episodes. I feel like Bonnie has become the show’s token black character. 

I remember chatting with a member of the Brigade, I don’t remember who exactly, but we were discussing whether or not JP is a racist. I don’t think she’s a blatant racist. I do, however, think she’s one of those ‘Oh, I have a black or black friends’ and ‘I don’t have a problem with black people as long as they know their place’ type of people. She draws lines. You can’t ignore the fact of how she constantly ignored and undermines Kat as an actress. Katerina is hardly ever included in a lot of TVD events and Julie hardly ever interacts with her s much as she does the rest of the cast. 

Her obvious favoritism for certain characters is so obvious; it’s almost painful. I noticed she also tweeted the other day about Idris Elba and wanting to have him as a boyfriend or something. Since when has Julie ever tweeted about liking non-white men? Prior to other people suggesting racism, she’s never tweeted about linking things or people of another ethnicity than hers. 

She’s disrespectful and unprofessional towards Bonnie fans and gets so damn defensive when people call her out about their treatment. She’s always talking about how Bonnie is this and that and she’ll be doing all this during the next season but never stays true to her words. She refuses to give Bonnie a decent storyline or even screentime at that and yet wonders why a lot of Bonnie fans don’t like her. 

This Is Why I Don’t Like Julie Plec and Could Give Less Than Two Fucks If You Disagree

I’m so sick of people placing this…person on some high pedestal and treating her as if she’s the next best thing since bread and butter. She’s not. She’s unprofessional, biased and an atrocious writer. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s looking into participating with the writing of the “50 Shades of Grey” movie.

Actors and anyone involved in the TV business have a certain protocol they must follow. You’re not going to see an actor from a TV show giving out spoilers or openly endorsing their favorite ships. They’re supposed to remain unbiased. Especially writers, producers and anyone else who is in charge. Julie Plec is anything but that.

She goes on Twitter and rides Matt Davis and Ian Somerhalder’s dicks as if they were the last two men alive. This woman is so unprofessional. It’s sickening. She’s constantly tweeting her precious ‘DE’  stans and, as she calls it, “reassures” them whenever they feel like Delena is being messed with. If you don’t want your cast member picking favorites then why the hell are you doing it? She hardly ever replies to Stelena fans and when she does, it’s always negative comments.

My second problem with her; she’s so fucking immature. All she ever does is reply to tweets that “hurt her feelings” or “disrespect” her. Really? You’re a grown ass woman and you’re letting some silly ass teenage girls get to you? Don’t like when people are mean or say mean things about you? DON’T FUCKING RESPOND OR PAY THEM ANY ATTENTION! No on is forcing her to respond. Her childish behind is the one that chooses to go back and forth with them. Then she has the audacity to RT “keep the peace” and shit like that when she’s the one edging it on! 

She’s too defensive! Some girl called her out on twitter and basically called her a shitty ass writer. (Not in those exact words) And she wen’t crazy and went back and forth with the girl like they were the same age. Act your damn age Julie! Moreover, this…woman…makes it obvious who her faves are. 

When Kat was nominated for her TCA, she didn’t tweet anything. No congrats, commentary or anything. But when Candice, Joseph and Michael received their nominations, she tweeted fast, quick and a hurry. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them per say. It’s just the protocol. You don’t just disrespect and undermine your employee like that. It’s so fucking disrespectful. Kat works just as hard as everyone else on that damn show and she deserves her respect too. 

People are going to think what they want and they are mos definitely entitled to it, but you’d have to be crazy to think that Julie Plec is this amazing writer, producer, directer or whatever. Because she’s not. She’s not.

My Little Cousin (13) And I Were Talking About Kat Graham

I introduced her to our queen a few months ago and she said she would go check her out. She never got back with for for a response until tonight. She goes, “Oh you know that girl you were telling me about?” I said, “What girl?” She rolled her eyes and responded, “You know that one who sings that stupid song “My Boyfriend’s Back”?” Strike one. “Yeah, what about her?” This little twit laughs and says, “I don’t know what you see in her. She can’t sing and all her songs are stupid. Her videos are really cheap too. Especially that sassy one. She’s weird.” It took everything in her not to slap the shit out of her. My response? “Really? Tell me something. How many videos have you shot? How many songs have you recorded? What hit show are you a cast member of? You don’t have to like Kat, no one’s forcing you. But for you to call her weird because you don’t like her material is ludicrous. Kat Graham is one the kindest and most sweetest celebrities you could ever come across. And you have no room to talk. So, check my girl Kat when you get signed to the same record company as Maroon 5, have a main role on one of the most talked about shows on TV, have your first major single reach a million views in less than two weeks, have more job oppurtunities lined up than your entire  fellow cast members put together and then maybe we can talk. Until then, keep on hating boo boo. Because Kat is a flawless queen and she’s not going anywhere. Now hate on that.” 

The Bennett Diaries || Chapter 2

7th November 2011

Dear Diary,

Even though my day started out bad, Melissa ate the last toaster strudel (-_-), it ended on a high note. We are moving! I know, I can’t really believe it either. Daddy was offered this cool position out in California. No, it’s not Hollywood. It’s in some town called Beacon Hills…I think. Weird name right? Makes me think of bacon. Haha, Bacon Hills. Catchy, isn’t it? Speaking of which, I’m hungry. I wonder if we have any Bacon……

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The Bennett Diaries || Chapter 1

Marcus Bennett was the farthest thing from impatient. Sure, he was ill tempered, headstrong and occasionally pompous, but he always managed to stay collected. However, at that particular moment, his patience began to waver.

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Ehh..I’m so rusty at photoshop. :/ Oh well, this is the poster. Yes, I am going to use the Charmed taglines. They’re just so fitting. I’m gonna work on the first chapter tonight. Hopefully, it’ll be up by the end of the weekend. :)

Ehh..I’m so rusty at photoshop. :/ Oh well, this is the poster. Yes, I am going to use the Charmed taglines. They’re just so fitting. I’m gonna work on the first chapter tonight. Hopefully, it’ll be up by the end of the weekend. :)