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This Is Why I Don’t Like Julie Plec and Could Give Less Than Two Fucks If You Disagree

I’m so sick of people placing this…person on some high pedestal and treating her as if she’s the next best thing since bread and butter. She’s not. She’s unprofessional, biased and an atrocious writer. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s looking into participating with the writing of the “50 Shades of Grey” movie.

Actors and anyone involved in the TV business have a certain protocol they must follow. You’re not going to see an actor from a TV show giving out spoilers or openly endorsing their favorite ships. They’re supposed to remain unbiased. Especially writers, producers and anyone else who is in charge. Julie Plec is anything but that.

She goes on Twitter and rides Matt Davis and Ian Somerhalder’s dicks as if they were the last two men alive. This woman is so unprofessional. It’s sickening. She’s constantly tweeting her precious ‘DE’  stans and, as she calls it, “reassures” them whenever they feel like Delena is being messed with. If you don’t want your cast member picking favorites then why the hell are you doing it? She hardly ever replies to Stelena fans and when she does, it’s always negative comments.

My second problem with her; she’s so fucking immature. All she ever does is reply to tweets that “hurt her feelings” or “disrespect” her. Really? You’re a grown ass woman and you’re letting some silly ass teenage girls get to you? Don’t like when people are mean or say mean things about you? DON’T FUCKING RESPOND OR PAY THEM ANY ATTENTION! No on is forcing her to respond. Her childish behind is the one that chooses to go back and forth with them. Then she has the audacity to RT “keep the peace” and shit like that when she’s the one edging it on! 

She’s too defensive! Some girl called her out on twitter and basically called her a shitty ass writer. (Not in those exact words) And she wen’t crazy and went back and forth with the girl like they were the same age. Act your damn age Julie! Moreover, this…woman…makes it obvious who her faves are. 

When Kat was nominated for her TCA, she didn’t tweet anything. No congrats, commentary or anything. But when Candice, Joseph and Michael received their nominations, she tweeted fast, quick and a hurry. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them per say. It’s just the protocol. You don’t just disrespect and undermine your employee like that. It’s so fucking disrespectful. Kat works just as hard as everyone else on that damn show and she deserves her respect too. 

People are going to think what they want and they are mos definitely entitled to it, but you’d have to be crazy to think that Julie Plec is this amazing writer, producer, directer or whatever. Because she’s not. She’s not.

I Normally Don’t Like Commenting On This Type Of Shit…

But I completely agree with Lil Wayne’s decision. It’s not a matter of whether the DJ was “right” or not; it’s a matter of respect. That was not the time or place to make a comment like that. Just because you feel a certain way about the song, doesn’t mean that everyone else agrees. Nicki took time off of her tour to come and perform. No doubt, she brought in a large percentage of the guests. What he did was straight up disrespectful. You know why he did it though? Because Nicki is a woman, and in hip hop, women are considered below men. He wouldn’t have pulled that shit with a man. He know’s a niqqa will fuck his skinny ass up. His actions just go to show how immature and cowardly his ass is. FunkMaster Flex has got some Goddamn nerve going after Nicki like that. Did he really expect her to just let that comment slide and go up and perform like nothing happened? No, you don’t disrespect someone like that. Nicki’s album sales may not be going as strong as PF, but at least she’s got records out. When was the last time his crusty dick put out some music. All he does is repeat his name over and over again on OTHER people’s tracks. No one likes his rusty ass anyway. I understand hip hip is notorious for feuds and people taking shot at other artists, but there comes a time where a line has to be drawn. If the DJ had beef with Nicki or a problem with her, he should have waited to go in on his radio show that no one even listens to or gives two fucks about. 

Something Just Hit Me About Bonnie

We always get to see Elena’s reaction to her parents death and how she “coped”.

We saw Caroline’s reaction to her dads death and how he coped.

We saw Damon’s reaction to how he coped with Rose’s death.

We saw Matt’s reaction to Vicki’s death.

We saw Jeremy’s reaction to his parents, Anna, Vicki, Jenna, etc, deaths.

We saw Alaric’s reaction to Jenna’s death.

The list goes on really. The point I’m trying to make though is we NEVER see how Bonnie felt or feels when she loses someone. They sent her away when grams died and had her come back with a complete attitude change. How did she get this mindset? What stages did she go through after Sheila died? Even when Abby was turned, they did the same thing to Bonnie as they did when Grams died and just showed her crying before shipping her off, not to be seen again until they need a spell. That’s what really ticks me off about this show. It seem as though the writers always choose to ignore Bonnie’s human side and life outside of the Supernaturals. They insist on continuing all the other characters feelings and personality changes throughout the seasons yet never do the same with Bonnie. Yes, her breakdown in “The Murder Of One” was a result of all these losses she’s suffered throughout the series, but where were the build up scenes? There are none. Something happens to Bonnie, she leaves and comes back a “bitch”. Why though? I’ll tell you why; TVD writers suck shit when it comes to Bonnie Bennett’s character development. -_-

This Is Why I’m Upset and In A Bitchy/Shitty Mood

My church is having a car wash today right? Me and some of my other girlfriends from Church were supposed to go.

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My Two Cents…If Anyone Is Even Interested…

I’ve been laying low on Tumblr for the past few days, blame fucking life, and was kinda surprised to see what’s been going on with the BB and Kat Graham.

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I’m so fucking pissed right now. I’m so livid, I could literally hurt someone right now. Like, I’m ready to cut someone. My dad is in the military right? Well he was up for Captain, the boards met and the list came out today; he didn’t make rank. That’s only part of what is ticking me off. What’s pissing me the fuck off is the fact that he, nor any of the other black people up for promotion made their rank. Meanwhile, the fucking white people who barely have half the damn education and experience my dad and the others have, got their fucking promotion. The military is SOOO racist. I’m so upset right now. I can’t even think straight. I just wanna lock myself away and fucking cry.

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Am I the only one who found it interesting how Stefan may have thanked Bonnie for helping them but didn’t apologize? Even after he told Elena he wanted to. What stopped him? Guess who did apologize though? Damon. Albeit, he was being a dick when he did it; he still did it. Damon doesn’t just say…

An apology would have been inappropriate at that point although I loved that he thanked her. Klaus was lurking in the background and she was busy doing a spell for them. It would have been really tacky if he said ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done for us Bonnie. Oh and hey, I’m sorry about killing your mother’ as friends they deserve more than that and I would like to see them actually get the time to talk and work through it properly. He needs to earn her trust again and you could see her want for things to be different. Damon’s apology was very Damon and I’m okay with it for now and love how Bonnie is able to put him in his place every damned time. 

Completely agree. Although, I wasn’t referring to when they were in the classroom….I was talking about when they were outside and she informed them the spell was broken. Or maybe that’s what you were referring to also? Klaus had walked away at that point but, I guess you’re right. He still was nearby in a way…

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Chill The Fuck Out

Seriously. I’m not going to rant about how we all need to ‘join together’ and ‘become one’ or any of that foolery but…can ya’ll at least stop being so damn defensive? I log on to Tumblr and all I see on my dash are nasty “arguments” and people going back and forth with each other. I don’t wanna take sides but some of you need to get off your damn high horses and quit thinking your shit don’t stink. Tumblr is a place of FREE expression and while you’re free to voice your opinion, I think you should try to maintain some level of respect. 

bonnieandkat made a post saying this is the last and final fandom for her and I think I might do the same. I can deal with external bullshit and the occasional internal spats but this jank right here…I can’t. 


{Le Sigh}

I take one week off of Tumblr and all hell breaks lose in the Bonnie Benett/Kat Graham tag. Obviously, you guys took care of that non-fucking factor bumble bee. Still, you would think these simpletons would have learned by now not to mess with the Bennett Brigade. Tsk tsk.

Also, Katerina Graham is no longer flawless. Because there is no word worthy enough to describe how incredible and magnificent she really is. She has to be one of the most humble, cheerful and down to earth celebrity there is. Honestly, she handles her haters with such class and dignity. How can people not like this *undefined* human being?

Furthermore, what the fuck is going on with shitty ass TVD? I keep seeing these Bonnie graphics, GIF’s and GIF’s sets illustrating stuff I’ve never seen but I can’t seem to find a video to validate the authenticity. :| The only two GIF sets I am DYING to see the video for is the one with her and Grams and where she gives Damon a well deserved aneurysm. Also, any new Bon Bon spoilers?

Oh! Someone please tell me that spoiler about Elena choosing to “explore” her feeling for Damon in the season finale are false. Idgaf if Stefan told her he was okay with it, if she goes through with that shit, I am completely done with her. Prior to hearing about this fuckery, I was still holding onto the slight chance that she could prove me wrong about her being a two faced bitch. But this? This is the icing on the cake. 

Elena is not only a hoe on the low; she’s also a slut you can’t trust. 

Fuck The Hell Off & Suck Nicki’s Left Titty

Whether or not you like Nicki Minaj is your perrogative but stop trying to dictate what she can, can’t, should and shouldn’t do. She’s her own fucking person! You guys were sick of “pop” Nicki and wanted “mixtape” Nicki back? She gives you the “Beez In The Trap” video which is NO different from any of the other videos female rap artists dish out now a days, yet you still complain and have audacity to call her a hoe! She did that video for the fans asking for old Nicki back but ya’ll ungrateful asses don’t appreciate shit! Now ya’ll saying ya’ll want the “Starships” video, the SAME Starships bitches was dissing Nicki and calling her a sellout for! Get the fuck outta here with that shit!

Trayvon Martin

I haven’t really addressed the large controversy surrounding the story simply because I knew that if I had said something before now….it wouldn’t have been pretty. Make no mistake, I am still beyond furious at not just the way this case is being handled, but the actual incident itself. There is NO legit excuse anyone can try to feed me that will change my mind about George Zimmerman’s guiltiness. The people trying to justify what this man did need to take a damn seat. 

Zimmerman is a racist and disgusting human being, not to mention„ a cold-blooded murderer. Trayvon didn’t deserve to die; he had his whole life ahead of him. And to the people saying, “he shouldn’t have been wearing a hoodie”; what the fuck is wrong with you? You must be seriously mentally challenged if you think that poor boy wearing a hoodie absolves him from retribution, then you need a serious evaluation. This man is as guilty as they come.

Furthermore, stop fucking trying to say this isn’t a race related crime. IT ABSOLUTELY IS! He shot Trayvon Martin because he was A BLACK MALE! IF he was a white kid, hoodie up, and “looking suspicious”, Zimmerman would have dismissed him. Why? Because he’s white! It’s not the race card; it’s motherfucking fact. If the roles were reversed, Zimmerman was black and Trayvon was white, they would have had his ass locked up, attempting to charge him with 3rd degree murder, and pursuing the death penalty.

Black on White crimes are always front page news and constantly being discussed on every damn news stations. Why? Because, whether people want to admit it or not, WHITE PEOPLE ALWAYS RECEIVE MORE COVERAGE THAN BLACK PEOPLE. Aiyana Jones anyone? I bet most of you don’t even know who she is. Why? Because the media was too busy covering the murder of Caylee Anthony, a WHITE little girl. 

I’m not saying that black people deserve more coverage than white people, even though we all know that will NEVER happen, but stop fucking saying racism doesn’t exist anymore. Racism isn’t just ignorant white people walking around in white robes, calling people the “N” word, and comparing blacks to animals. 

No, racism is the unlawful and unmerited killing of an innocent, young, African-American male.

Racism is the murder of Trayvon Martin